12. English Pages

Information about Rock-services with music by U2 and other artists; video’s in English. Under construction.

(October 29, 2010) From Sept., 4th till Oct. 18th, I have been in the opportunity to participate in the ‘A New Face” programme of the Council for World Mission. It was a great experience that surely will have a lasting influence on the way I am a minister! In the last week each participant made a presentation. My presentation is called: “Physicality and music in the experience and practice of faith”.

(August 11, 2008) Today I sent a letter to the American rock-magazine Rolling Stone. I hope they will print at least part of it.

(August 10, 2008) The still unreleased single “40 CoeXisT” can be listened to and viewed at my YouTube-channel The Short English Version is the first one you see when you visit the channel (5’25 min). Under it, you find the Unabbridged English Version (10’47 min).

(March 17, 2008) U2-fan Erik Mulder translated an article about the U2-rockservices, that has appeared in the Dutch U2-fanzine EXiT. You find it here. Scroll to halfway the article to find the part in English.

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